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Sleigh and Scientology

December 29, 1985

The Church of Scientology and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, to spread a little Christmas cheer, sponsored a mule-drawn Santa's sleigh which toured some 75 miles through the valley, Pasadena and South Los Angeles, finally ending up at L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland on Hollywood Boulevard, where it gave free rides to kids up and down the boulevard, reviving an old Hollywood tradition.

The sleigh, before arriving in Hollywood, stopped at the VA Hospital in the valley, shopping malls and schools, giving out candy canes and brightening the eyes of over 12,000 children in its whirlwind tour of the greater Los Angeles area.

Christmas is a time for giving and for caring.

But there are always a few amongst us, most aptly portrayed by Ebenezer Scrooge, who can't hold back the urge to denigrate or hold their fellow man in contempt. It appears that there will always be some among us who overlook the facts, or who create a scenario which doesn't exist to fit their own desires to find fault.

The Los Angeles Times, instead of contributing to the Christmas spirit, did a poor job of reporting in their publication of an article entitled, "Bumpy Sleigh Ride," (Dec. 22) by Stephen Braun.

The article reported on a non-existent conflict between the businesses of Hollywood and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

In actual fact, 51 businesses on Hollywood Boulevard thought the sleigh ride for kids was a terrific idea, and these same businesses thought that the Church of Scientology and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce should do it again next year.

It makes one wonder if Mr. Braun doesn't have some sort of personal grudge against Hollywood.

It also makes one wonder if much of the controversy and unrest in this world only exists in the minds of certain reporters.

Perhaps it would be good idea for the Los Angeles Times to concentrate on those groups who are trying to make Hollywood a better place to live. With a little positive encouragement a lot could be accomplished.



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