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Torrance : Firebombings and Slaying

January 02, 1986

Torrance police were busy during the last days of 1985 with two firebombings and a homicide.

Sgt. Wally Murker said police are looking for two people suspected of throwing Molotov cocktails at two homes in north Torrance on Sunday evening. He said police have found no motive but believe the attacks were committed by the same people.

Murker said two firebombs were thrown at a house at 17424 Faysmith Ave. Only one ignited, slightly damaging the front door before burning out.

L. Ward Hixson, a 52-year old mechanical designer who lives at that address, said he does not know why someone would attack his home. "It's just an unbelievable thing," he said. "I don't know who could have done it. It must have been some kids."

Hixson said two youths were seen running from his home after the firebombing.

The other attack took place across the street from Hixson. Murker said residents at 3317 W. 175th St. were not at home during the attack but returned and found burn marks and broken glass. He said the firebomb burned out quickly.

Monday morning police responded to a report of shots in southeast Torrance. They said they saw Mark James Lyon, 28, of Carson, wearing a ski mask as he left a home at 2746 Andreo Ave. A 44-magnum pistol and two knives were found on Lyon, police said. Inside the house police found the body of Carlos Guillermo DeLeon, 28, shot and stabbed and dumped in a 33-gallon trash can.

Murker said the two men had known each other for several years and had been arguing for five weeks for an unknown reason. Murker said Lyon is being held without bail in Torrance jail on suspicion of murder.

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