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Gidget Goes Syndie

January 05, 1986|Pat H. Broeske

Girl plus midget equals Gidget. And a long, long Hollywood life. . . .

It looks "pretty definite," sources tell us, that the latest Gidget TV movie, "Gidget's Summer Reunion," which aired in June, will spawn a 22-episode syndicated series.

"Frankly, the movie performed so well, it shocked the hell out of us," added the source. "In many major markets, we beat many of the network shows."

When last we saw Gidget (Caryn Richman) and her beloved Moondoggie (Dean Butler), they were beset by a stale marriage, career dilemmas and mortgage woes. Not that sand and surf won't play a part in their series. After all, the Gidge does have a 15-year-old bikinied niece. . . .

She also has a trivia-packed (and waveswept) history. For Gidgetphiles, Outtakes offers the following:

1--In the first "Gidget" (1959), Sandra (Gidget) Dee bribes the guys into letting her attend a big luau in Malibu. What does she promise to bring?

2--Gidget (Deborah Walley) went to Waikiki in "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" (1961) and fantasized as she walked along a moonlit beach. What did she imagine herself?

3--In "Gidget Goes to Rome" (1963), Cindy (Gidget) Carol got arrested for wading in what legendary landmark?

4--In the 1965 TV series, Sally (Gidget) Field had a best friend. Name her.

5--As Gidget in "Gidget Grows Up" (1969), Karen Valentine is working for the United Nations. What's her job?

6--In "Gidget Gets Married," Monie (Gidget) Ellis is dissatisfied in her job. What is it?

ANSWERS: (1) food; (2) a "fallen" woman; (3) the Trevi Fountain; (4) Larue; (5) a tour guide; (6) a housewife.

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