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Low Blows

January 05, 1986

Charlotte Low's "Movie Bad Guys Deserve What They Get" (Dec. 22) represents a new low in insight into the significance of these macho movies.

I have never read a more infantile, simplistic analysis of movies that--to everyone with any intelligence--are obviously intended to appeal to every base instinct.

The author would have us believe that these macho characters represent the best virtues of humans--courage, loyalty, unselfish altruism and patriotism--while those they destroy are the scum who get what they deserve.

We squeamish folk of the anti-violence set do not believe you, Ms. Low, when you say violence can and often does have a supremely moral point, unless of course your moral standards are similar to those of Genghis Khan, Hitler, etc.

I would suggest that society really could exist without the vigilantes of the world and depend more on the police forces who according to you and these movies are "inept."

Adult fairy tales, indeed! More like adult scary tales.


Los Angeles

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