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No Sewage in Ocean

January 05, 1986

San Diego County is lucky to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They help to attract visitors and tourists who spend money here.

Millions use the beaches yearly. Thousands swim, surf and dive in the ocean the year round. For health reasons, we must keep the ocean water as clean and unpolluted as possible.

There has been much concern over the fact that Tijuana discharges raw, untreated sewage into the sea. So much concern that much of Tijuana's sewage is supposedly piped into the San Diego city sewage system to be treated before it is discharged into the sea. There even has been talk of helping Tijuana build a sewage treatment and disposal plant with American taxpayers' money.

Now plans are in the making to permit Escondido to discharge 15 million gallons of raw, untreated sewage through the Cardiff outfall into the Pacific Ocean. Imagine what a health problem it will create to those who use the beaches and the ocean in this area. The odor it will cause and the increase in debris in the sea--much of which will float, such as tampons, toilet paper and certain kinds of feces.

Many so-called "knowledgeable" people are reluctant to oppose this planned pollution because of "unknowledgeables." As an uneducated person, I would like to invite them to swim in a cesspool to further their knowledge. Whenever anyone is exposed to bacteria, germs and viruses, there is a good chance that the exposed person will get sick.

I believe we should all do our utmost to prevent Escondido from further polluting the sea. Goodness knows it is polluted enough already. It would be in the best interests of the public, the restaurants, the motels, the newspapers and all other businesses to do so for two reasons: health and profits.



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