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Santa Ana Protest and Repercussions

January 05, 1986

What does a county supervisor, a redevelopment commissioner and a city expert on historical preservation have in common?

Answer: They dared to question the decisions of Santa Ana city's administration! For proper punishment they 1) will be publicly chastized for wasting time writing letters; 2) fired from a city post; 3) fired from a city contract.

If a common citizen protests, he will be harassed on public television.

Robert Bobb and Rex Swanson apparently feel that only they establish policy for the city--and now the county.

Swanson said his own staff misinformed him. Isn't it about time he accepts the responsibility of his own actions? What can you expect of a person who publicly states that residents don't have the right to vote on important issues?

This is the leadership that at the last possible moment changed the method of funding the Westdome. By this change (i.e., no site, no developer), the city attempted to circumvent the law and smooth the waters over the site controversy. It turned the hearing into a circus.

Do we really want administrators who care so little for the people they are here to serve that they will publicly misstate the facts?


Santa Ana

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