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Debutantes and Mothers Look Ahead to June Ball

January 05, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

There's been a flurry of debutante balls. Lots of those debs are going back to college this week for serious study (their parents hope). Nevertheless, they have spring and summer balls on their calendars.

Mrs. Durward Howes III hosted a gala tea over the holidays to announce debutantes for the Pasadena Guild of Childrens Hospital June Ball at the Beverly Wilshire. It was a giggly and festive crowd of girls and mothers, there to sip tea and coffee and indulge in the capers around the dining-room chandelier.

Alas, Marianne Werdel of Bakersfield, daughter of the Thomas Harold Werdels Jr., had to regret her invitation: She had a bid to play at Wimbledon, and that's too much of a sports honor to bypass.

It was a pretty crowd of debs and mothers: Andrea Simpson and Mrs. Thomas Jeremy Simpson, Amy Seidel and Mrs. Bruce Kaspar Seidel, Katherine McCutchan and Mrs. Thomas O. McCutchan, Wendy Marsh and Mrs. Murray Bryan Marsh Jr., Laurie Oltmans and Mrs. Joseph Oltmans, Catherine Haltom and Mrs. Harold Frank Haltom, Marie Femino and Mrs. James Joseph Femino, Kimberly Ebershoff and Mrs. David Ebershoff, Karen Cooper and Mrs. Richard Heimann, Rachel Bryant and Mrs. Cooper Bryant, Kathryn Boyle and Mrs. James Barrett Boyle Jr.

At least three of the debutantes had been at rehearsal for Las Madrinas' Debutante Ball that noon: Laura Galbraith, daughter of the James M. Galbraiths; Albertina Niblo, daughter of the James A. Niblos; and Christa Johnson, daughter of the Wyatt Thomas Johnsons.

More, and their mothers, are Maribeth Anzalone, Mrs. Bennett Anzalone; Liza Arcinue, Mrs. Edgardo Llamas Arcinue; Ann Beman, Mrs. John Burris Beman Jr.; Heather Bohr, Mrs. Vernon Clarence Bohr; Sarah Cunningham, Mrs. David E. Cunningham; Shari Ferguson, Mrs. Robert Cleve Ferguson; Stacey French, Mrs. John Harrison Baker French; Joanna Ivey, Mrs. Herbert Dee Ivey; Terry Myers, Mrs. Gerald Gibson Myers Jr.; Susan Pitts, Mrs. Walter Charles Pitts II; Cynthia Riley, Mrs. Kenneth Gene Riley; Leigh Anne Rutkin, Mrs. Kolman Carroll Rutkin; Becky Smith, Mrs. Edward Oscar Smith; and Nicole Susnar, Mrs. Robert Richard Susnar.

Mrs. Warren Williamson will be ball chairman, working with Mrs. Kennedy Galpin, president, and Mrs. Frank Payne, debutante chairman. Others at the tea were Mmes. William Struble, Douglas Longyear, Danford M. Baker, Kingston McKee, William Plunkett, George Jagels, Warren Jefferson Arnett, Jack Whitehead and Franklin Simmons.

In the season to be jolly, Mrs. John Shea of Pasadena hosted the tea feting 26 young ladies to be presented to Bishop John Ward at the annual Presentation Ball sponsored by the Social Service Auxiliary on Easter Monday, March 21. Their mothers also were guests.

Later in the week the presentees and their fathers were honored at a brunch at the Stella Maris Community Center. Sister Petra, director of the Sisters of Social Service, welcomed the group as it toured senior citizen activities and dormitories for working women.

Auxiliary president Mrs. Donley Brady, presentee chairman Mrs. Anthony Artukovich and Presentation Ball chairman Mrs. Michael Wayne were among the ball committee, sponsors, benefactors and auxiliary officers, including Mrs. Stafford Grady, attending.

Beverly Hills CPR says to save the date for the second annual "From the Heart" dinner dance Feb. 13 at the Beverly Hilton. It honors Ellen and Berny Byrens.

Linda Roberts is dinner chairman; Carol Krasne, president.

Honorary chairmen who will assist are Toni and Bruce Corwin, Fred Hayman, Sybil Brand, Bill Daley, Nat Dumont and Victor Winer.

Kudos: To Frank G. Mancuso, chairman and chief executive officer of Paramount Pictures Corp., recipient of the 1985 Sherrill C. Corwin Human Relations Award of the American Jewish Committee. Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr., former U.S. Senate majority leader, brought political pizazz as the guest speaker at the event chaired by Bruce M. Ramer, Frank Rothman and Sidney J. Sheinberg.

Mayor Tom Bradley and Directors of Volunteers in Agencies will attend the special breakfast Jan. 22 at the Los Angeles Design Center to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Collaboration in the Voluntary Sector.

At an afternoon party today a large portrait of the late Mrs. Dolly Sinatra by Italian artist Rita Silva will be unveiled at Villa Scalabrini, the retirement center in Sun Valley run by the fathers of St. Charles. Dr. Alberto Boniver, Italian consul general, will attend. The painting will hang near the Catholic memorial chapel given in Mrs. Sinatra's honor.

Marie Olesen and Marilynn Boesky have been named chairmen of the fifth annual Celebrities Cook for the UCSD Cancer Center. It's Feb. 8 at the Sheraton Harbor Island East Champagne Ballroom.

Last year's success raised more than $150,000.

Each year the party features a particular cuisine. This year's choice is the regional cooking of America. A distinguished panel of judges from the culinary art world will choose winners of competitions featuring cooking teachers and ambitious amateurs selected for their reputations as excellent cooks.

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