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Bellflower : Hotel, Motel Ban Extended

January 09, 1986

The City Council Monday extended a moratorium on motel and hotel construction for another six months and asked the Planning Commission to conduct a more detailed study of the ordinance that established the ban.

The council voted 4-1 to extend the ban, which was originally approved for 45 days on Nov. 25. Mayor James Earle Christo was the only dissenter.

Christo said he believes the ban was "anti-business" and would prevent the city from collecting more taxes.

Christo said the city had a 6% occupancy tax on motels and hotels that raised $74,000 in the past year.

"We need all the money we can get," Christo said.

Councilman Ray O'Neal, who proposed the ban, said he did so because of the inquiries from residents concerned over what they perceived as a proliferation of hotels and motels.

O'Neal said he was also concerned that the businesses would become run-down, low-rent establishments catering to prostitution. But he said he was not aware of any police reports on prostitution.

There are 15 motels with a total of 441 units in the city, according to a recent Planning Commission report.

The Planning Commission is expected to study the ordinance and make recommend to the council more detailed development standards for motel and hotel construction.

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