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January 11, 1986|JERRY GILLAM | Los Angeles Times

Bills Introduced:

School Air Conditioning: AB2640 by Assemblyman Mike Roos (D-Los Angeles) would appropriate $300 million to air-condition and insulate year-round schools. The governor vetoed a similar bill with a $25-million price tag last year. The Los Angeles school board earlier this week approved the concept of year-round schools to help relieve overcrowding.

Store Membership Fees: AB2642 by Assemblyman Gerald N. Felando (R-San Pedro) would prohibit retail stores from requiring customers to pay membership fees.

Senate Floor Action: Parks Bond Issue: Approved on a 34-2 vote a bill (SB806) by Sen. Robert Presley (D-Riverside) to place a $100-million bond issue for purchase of community parklands on the June 3 ballot. It went to the Assembly.

Libraries Bond Issue: Approved on a 33-4 vote a bill (SB1220) by Sen. Barry Keene (D-Benicia) to place a $300-million bond issue for construction, renovation and repair of libraries on the June ballot. It also went to the Assembly.

Bills Introduced: Lottery: SB1519 by Sen. Ralph C. Dills (D-Gardena) would increase from at least 34% to at least 38% the share of state lottery revenue that goes to schools, and reduce the amount spent for administrative expenses from 16% to 12%.

Alzheimer's Disease: SB1516 by Sen. Henry J. Mello (D-Watsonville) would appropriate $800,000 for research into the diagnosis, causes, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. The governor vetoed similar legislation last year because he said $1 million already was available for this purpose.

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