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The '86 Pix Mix

January 12, 1986|PAT H. BROESKE

"American Anthem"--Olympic gymnastics gold-medalist Mitch Gaylord and Janet Jones are young people at career and personal crossroads, dealing with the competitive world of gymnastics and peer and parental conflicts. Albert Magnoli is director/writer/editor. With Michelle Phillips. (Columbia)

"Armed and Dangerous"--John Candy and Eugene Levy are security guards learning to exploit the tricks of their trade. (Columbia)

"Back to School"--When his son has a tough time fitting in at college, Rodney Dangerfield, a millionaire through his chain of Tall and Fat Stores, joins him as a fellow freshman--just to lend a helping hand. Sally Kellerman, Burt Young, Ned Beatty, M. Emmett Walsh, Keith Gordon. (Orion)

"Basil of Baker Street"--The Disney studio's 26th animated feature follows the exploits of a mouse version of Sherlock Holmes in Victorian England. With the voice of Vincent Price. (Disney)

"Big Trouble in Little China"--Director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell reteam for a mystical action-adventure-comedy-kung fu-monster-ghost story, about the imaginary world beneath Chinatown that's inhabited by ghosts. Kim Catrall, James Hong, Victor Wong, Kate Burton (daughter of Richard). Scripted by W.D. Richter. (Fox)

"The Butterfly Revolution"--Kids at a summer camp rebel against the camp boss (Chuck Connors) and take control--with "Lord of the Flies"-like results. Based on William Butler's popular youth novel. Directed by Bert Dragin, who co-scripted with Penelope Spheeris. (Distributor pending)

"Cherry 2000"--When his robot playmate has an internal meltdown, lonely guy David Andrews goes in search of the parts needed for repair. His journey into the lawless zone, circa 2017, forces him to team with a real woman, Melanie Griffith, which means he soon discovers that there's more to love than hot wiring. (Orion)

"Crawlspace"--Dr. Klaus Kinski practices his "medicine"--on young girls in a crawlspace of his apartment. When a young woman (Lori Balsam, daughter of Martin) wonders about the mysterious noises inside the walls, she's in big trouble. (Empire)

"Extremities"--Farrah Fawcett turns on her would-be rapist (James Russo) in a drama based on the off-Broadway play by William Mastrosimone. With Alfre Woodard and Diana Scarwid. (Atlantic)

"The Fantasist"--Timothy Bottoms is an American teacher in Ireland who, after being wrongly accused of a crime, sets out to discover whodunit. Directed by Robin Hardy. (Almi Pictures)

"The Fly"--David Cronenberg co-wrote/directed this remake of the 1958 Vincent Price horror classic about a scientist whose atoms are scrambled with those of a housefly during an experiment with matter transmission. Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz. (Fox)

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"--Grand master of adult manipulation Matthew Broderick talks his girlfriend and best friend into skipping school, borrowing a Ferrari and taking off for a day of adventure. Written/directed by John Hughes. (Paramount)

"Flight of the Navigator"--A 12-year-old boy goes the Rip Van Winkle route--leaving home on an errand and returning eight years later, only to learn he hasn't aged a day. Directed by Randal Kleiser. (Buena Vista)

"The Girl in the Picture"--Three separate stories, filmed in Glasgow, examine the problems of the heart suffered by young people the world over. (Goldwyn)

"Harry and the Hendersons"--Steven Spielberg is exec producer of this comedy about a typical American family whose lives are turned around when they run into an unusual creature. Written/directed by William Dear. (Universal)

"Haunted Honeymoon"--Co-writer/director Gene Wilder is a radio star with a hit thriller series who decides to fight his fears by spending time at the family's haunted mansion, at the invitation of his Aunt Kate (Dom DeLuise in drag!). Gilda Radner and Jonathan Pryce. (Orion)

"Heartburn"--Mike Nichols-directed version of Nora Ephron's best-selling account of marriage and infidelity (widely gossiped as based on her real-life marriage and divorce to journalist Carl Bernstein). Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, with Maureen Stapleton, Milos Forman, Jeff Daniels, Stockard Channing. (Paramount)

"Howard the Duck"--George Lucas is exec director of this live-action comedy based on the Marvel Comics duckie. With Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins. Directed by Willard Huyck. (Universal)

"Hunk"--A 90-pound weakling is turned into a sex symbol in this black comedy. (Crown)

"Hyper Sapiens"--The citizenry of Wyoming have a close encounter with two runaway extraterrestrial teens and their creature in this comedy-adventure directed by Peter Hunt. With Sydney Penny and Keenyn Wynn. (Distributor pending)

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