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Redondo Beach : City Treasurer Resigns

January 16, 1986

An unexpected letter of resignation from Redondo Beach City Treasurer Alice DeLong was accepted "with regrets" by the City Council Tuesday night.

But the council decided to wait two weeks before formally receiving and filing the letter to give DeLong the option of changing her mind.

DeLong asked that her departure be effective April 30 to allow ample time to appoint a replacement. She suggested that a review board be set up to interview applicants.

In a telephone interview Wednesday, DeLong said that family responsibilities are demanding more of her time. She said that she considered delaying retirement until her current term expires March 31, 1987, but that "It wouldn't be fair because I didn't want to devote the time that I think that the city treasurer's office demands."

DeLong, who ran unsuccessfully for City Council last year, said she has no further political aspirations. "As a resident I'll always be interested in city government," she added.

She said the City Council "was very kind" to wait two weeks before officially filing her resignation notice, but said she does not expect to change her mind. "I have given this a lot of thought," she said.

DeLong is serving her third four-year term as treasurer.

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