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Your Renault Is Ready

January 19, 1986|JACK ADLER

Renault has a vacation lease plan which enables you to have a car in Europe with three key benefits:

--All your insurance, including medical/fire/theft coverage and collision damage waiver, is included at no extra charge (and these charges can add up). This insurance covers you and passengers. However, it doesn't include personal belongings in the car.

--You pay no taxes, including the VAT (value-added tax), no matter in which country you pick up your car.

--You drive a brand-new car.

Renault has 21 pickup points in France, including Paris, and 12 points outside France encompassing such major gateways as London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. It's even possible to pick up, drive and drop off your car without ever being in France.

Start Here, End There

In some cases you can also drop your car off at a different location than the one where you picked it up at no extra charge. As there is a drop-off charge in some instances, this is a point to check in planning your itinerary.

Unlimited mileage is another feature.

You have to book your car for at least 22 days. The plan is available to anyone 18 or over, with no maximum age restriction. Allow four weeks to schedule pickup in Paris, six weeks elsewhere.

A $50 deposit has to be paid when the booking is first made, with full payment generally required a month in advance of your arrival.

After you return the car, you receive a release of your responsibility for the vehicle.

Revisions en Route

You can revise and extend your itinerary during your travels. The documentation and insurance certificates that come with your lease are valid throughout Western and Eastern Europe as well as Israel and Morocco. The cars also come with a full factory warranty honored at 14,000 Renault service stations in France and Europe. Renault also provides a Paris-based 24-hour accident and theft assistance number.

Rates, until March 31, start at $490 for a 22-day lease of a Renault Super 5 GL. Other higher-priced models including station wagons, sports sedans and hatchbacks are available. Rates will probably go up after March 31.

Call Renault Overseas Sales at (800) 221-1052 for more information.

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