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Hang On, Woodland Hills: It's He-Man!

January 22, 1986

Combating Woodland Hills' image as a sleepy, "boring" bedroom community may be too tough for the local chamber of commerce.

Well, hang on. He-Man's coming to the rescue.

He-Man, a popular cartoon hero on Saturday morning television, is moving to Woodland Hills--despite Robert Scherer.

Six-year-old Robert was among students asked by the chamber last week what they like about Woodland Hills.

'A Little Bit Boring'

Robert, a first-grader at Woodlake Avenue Elementary School, tugged nervously on his He-Man sweat shirt as he told an interviewer that his family was planning to move from the community.

"I like He-Man, but he lives far away. He lives in Orange County," Robert confided. "I think it would be a little bit boring for He-Man if he lived in Woodland Hills."

But He-Man will soon discover for himself whether that's true, said Lou Scheimer, president of Filmation Studios, which produces the TV show.

Scheimer announced Tuesday that his company will move in April to a four-story office building at Victory Boulevard and Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hills.

Roomier Location

He-Man will find his new home roomier, at least. Filmation Studios' 600 employees have outgrown their Reseda headquarters of 19 years, Scheimer said.

He said Robert will be invited to visit He-Man's new home after the studio move is complete--provided Robert and his family are still in town.

"I don't think He-Man will find it a bit boring," Scheimer said. "He'll be patrolling the streets of Woodland Hills, and there are a lot of moral injustices for him to correct."

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