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Lynwood : Bread Distributed to Needy

January 23, 1986

Deputy Veda Gunnells spent the past week hauling bread to the needy in a sheriff's van instead of criminals.

Nearly 2,000 loaves of bread were distributed to families in the city, said Gunnells, a community relations officer in the Lynwood substation.

The bread was donated by the Frontier Food Warehouse, a supermarket at 3831 E. Century Blvd.

The market had a surplus of bread and wanted to give it to the needy before it became stale, said Norman Jones, assistant to James Oh, president of the store.

The store contacted the Lynwood Chamber of Commerce, which in turn contacted the Sheriff's Department.

"We contacted churches, schools, senior citizen groups and other organizations that knew of needy families," Gunnells said in an interview Tuesday.

"The department was more than happy to do it. We were able to help. We made a lot of trips but it was worth it," Gunnells said. The deputy said she and Sgt. Elmer Flye, who runs the community relations office at the Lynwood station, and a group of civilians volunteered to distribute the bread. The distribution was completed Friday.

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