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Gourmet Gala Is Frosting on the Cake

January 23, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Those three dynamos--Mmes. John Van de Kamp, Roger Kozberg and Thomas Vreeland--Andrea, Joanne and Nancy--can, naturally, take the heat in the kitchen, and they are happily stirred up about the benefit dinner they chair March 4 at the Sheraton Premiere in Universal City.

Monday evening at Spago, they're hosting a kickoff celebration as frosting on the cake for 1986 Gourmet Gala, the party for the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. "Such a worthy cause," Andrea Van de Kamp says. Invitations are in demand; they go out Thursday.

This is the fourth gala here (Washington, San Francisco and Dallas also do the party). The financial goal is at least as high as last year's net, $183,000. That should be easy with Mrs. Ronald Reagan as special honorary chairman, Hannah and Ed Carter as dinner chairmen, and the Armand S. Deutsches, Virginia Milner, the William French Smiths, the James M. Stewarts and the Harry Wetzels as honorary chairmen.

Plans are cooking for 13 kitchens--all custom designed. In each, celebrity cooks will create yummies, which will be judged, while the dues-paying crowd hovers and later sits to dine. The talk is that last year's pumpkin brandy snaps, a raging success concocted by Kate and Brooks Firestone, will be served for dessert. Meanwhile, couture aprons by David Hockney, Peter Alexander, Billy Al Bengston, Laddie Dill, Robert Graham, Chuck Arnoldi and Ed Moses will be auctioned.

Who's cooking? Songwriters the Alan Bergmans, state Sen. William Campbell, the Norman Cousins, George Hamilton, the William Kieschnicks, the Jess Marlows, Vilma Martinez, Tony Thomopoulos and Cristina Ferrare, the De Wain Valentines, Kate Jackson, Lyn Kienholz and the Vidal Sassoons.

They'll be in kitchens designed by Kalef Alaton, Val Arnold, Jack Lowrance, Tom Allardyce and Illya Hendrix, Karen Blake, Tom Buckley, Louis Cataffo, Barbara Lazaroff, Mimi London, Anthony Machado, Jackie Morgen, Janet Polizzi and Smith, Cleary Inc.

Just a few on the committe are Mmes. John Hotchkis, Timothy Childs, Frank Johnson, Douglas Kranwinkle, Robert Maguire II, Sidney Petersen, LeRoy Rahn, Jack Quinn, Gwynn Robinson, Earl A. Powell, Thomas Wachtell, Edgar Wyatt Ward, Richard Zanuck and Mark Lipson.

David R. Brown, the new president of the Art Center College of Design (the group that always has stunning invitations), will be introduced to Center friends Tuesday evening when the board of trustees, the executive board and the advisory board host cocktails and dinner.

Among those who have already indicated they'll be there are the Royden Axes (he's director of design, Austin Rover, England), Xavier Karchers (director general, Citroen, France); the Robert A. Rowans, the Melville Shavelsons and the Timothy Walkers.

Board chairman John Rex is also announcing three new trustees for the Art Center: Alyce Williamson, Christopher N. Madison and Timothy H. Walker.

Worldwide women's activist Madame Jihan Sadat, widow of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, will be the honoree March 5 at the Century Plaza.

The Crittenton Center for Young Women & Infants honors the social activist, poet, scholar and originator of SOS Children's Villages, designed to help Egyptian orphans lead a normal life.

Alana and Michael Jackson are dinner chairmen. Joanna and Sidney Poitier are dinner hosts.

The committee includes Mmes. Christopher Cord, Ron Cey, William Wellman, Arthur Park, Suzanne Marx, Regina McConahay-Orr, and Dr. Larry Schwartz, and Peter Knudson and Richard Gardner.

Supporters include John and Deborah Landis (they're taking two tables), the Lew Wassermans, Ernest and Tova Borgnine, Ray and Frances Stark, David May II, John Veitch, Kirk and Ann Douglas, Mrs. Walt Disney, Frank Price and the Henry Mancinis.

It's almost unheard of for every single member of the board of directors to turn out for a gala. They will, says Phyllis Bernard, Saturday when Sen. Barry Goldwater is master of ceremonies and the David Bernard Memorial Foundation awards its second Air Safety Medal to Gen. Charles E. Yeager in recognition of his lifetime contributions to aviation safety.

The party is aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor with dining in the Grand Salon. Dancing under the wings of the Spruce Goose, to the music of Les Brown and his Band, follows.

Generals will be in abundance, including Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, who will come from Carmel with his son John and John's wife Priscilla.

An airline passenger over San Diego Sept. 25, 1978, David Bernard died in a mid-air collision with a private aircraft. A 1958 UCLA School of Law alum, he was a partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Belcher Henzie & Biegenzahn, specializing in aviation litigation.

Phyllis' goal is to endow the David Bernard Memorial Law Library at UCLA with $55,000 and to endow the Southern Methodist University Air Law Symposium speakers fund with $25,000. Tickets are $175.

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