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Fiedler-Davis Accusations

February 03, 1986

What a phony bunch of charges against Bobbi Fiedler.

Dist. Atty. Ira Reiner and Sen. Davis should be thoroughly ashamed of wasting the taxpayer's money by trying to make a crime out of normal campaign jockeying.

Even though all the facts have not been revealed, there should not only be a presumption of innocence of Fiedler and her top aide, Paul Clarke, but also a suspicion of the motives of bringing the charges.

Republicans, Democrats, and other politicians routinely discuss the interminable shifting of candidacies, fund raising, and alliances. Fiedler and Davis are no different from all the rest. Why is someone trying to make a felony out of this?

In my mind, it takes two sides to make a "bribe." Davis' people are just as "guilty." The use of a concealed microphone on one of Davis' campaign workers makes this case look like some sort of "entrapment" was being perpetrated.

The public interest in this case dictates that the judicial system quickly dispense with the inquiry, and let's get on with some real issues in the campaign.


North Hollywood

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