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February 06, 1986

RAT 1900--1912--1924--1936--1948--1960--1972--1984

Rat year people have great personal charm. They are ambitious, hard working and thrifty, sometimes to the point of being penny pinchers. Although easily angered, they are capable of maintaining self-control most of the time. OX 1901--1913--1925--1937--1949--1961--1973--1985

Oxen people are patient and quiet, and tend to be good listeners. Even so, they anger easily and display it openly. They work slowly and meticulously and tend to be clever with their hands. Because they despise failure, most are very successful. TIGER 1902--1914--1926--1938--1950--1962--1974--1986

Those born under the sign of the tiger tend to enjoy things exciting and daring. They are sensitive and often show compassion toward others. But because they also can be short tempered, narrow minded and suspicious, they are a powerful enemy. HARE 1903--1915--1927--1939--1951--1963--1975--1987

Hare people tend to be ambitious and lucky. Often they achieve a high level of financial success in their business dealings. They are trustworthy, intelligent and have the ability to think clearly. They do, however, have the tendency to be melancholy. DRAGON 1904--1916--1928--1940--1952--1964--1976--1988

Although outwardly stubborn and short-tempered, dragon people are really very gentle and sensitive. They are strong, full of energy and very honest. The dragon represents the greatest celestial power and is a symbol of life and growth. SERPENT 1905--1917--1929--1941--1953--1965--1977--1989

Serpent people are wise. Men are handsome, humorous and romantic; women are elegant and charming. All are very determined and successful. Although they have sympathy for others, they often distrust those same people's judgments. HORSE 1906--1918--1930--1942--1954--1966--1978--1990

Being cheerful and gregarious makes the horse people very popular. They enjoy the theater, music and sports. Wise and talented, they are very independent and do not appreciate advice from others. They also can be quick to anger. RAM 1907--1919--1931--1943--1955--1967--1979--1991

Ram people are gentle, wise and artistic. They typically enjoy a comfortable living throughout their life. Often pessimistic, shy and uncertain, they tend to look to other people for guidance. They are followers rather than leaders. MONKEY 1908--1920--1932--1944--1956--1968--1980--1992

Skilled, talented and flexible, the monkey people are practical decision makers and possess a good deal of common sense. They enjoy making people laugh with their humor. Although strong-willed, their tempers cool quickly. ROOSTER 1909--1921--1933--1945--1957--1969--1981--1993

Rooster people are ambitious, determined and honest. Because they are outspoken and distrust others, they can offend people and because of this are often loners. Still, they are capable of attracting a variety of loyal and close friends. DOG 1910--1922--1934--1946--1958--1970--1982--1994

Honesty and loyalty are traits of dog people. They can be selfish and stubborn and they often criticize others. Because they are good at keeping secrets, others tend to confide in them. They have a stable and serene personality. BOAR 1911--1923--1935--1947--1959--1971--1983--1995

People born in the year of the boar are honest, sincere and have a good deal of inner strength. They are kind and affectionate people, but are on the short-tempered side . Their shyness often keeps them from seeking help from others.

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