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Street Scenes in Los Angeles

February 07, 1986

On Dec. 30, at 11 p.m., a traffic accident occurred at Rodeo Boulevard and Cochran Avenue. There were several major injuries and one death.

As first responders, our job was to assess the situation and obtain additional resources as needed. Upon our arrival at the scene this task and many others were facilitated by the assistance of several bystanders. These bystanders, whose medical backgrounds varied from a medical doctor to those with little or no medical skills, assisted by providing care in whatever fashion they could prior to our arrival and then assisting us during the rescue.

It was because of these helpful people we were able to concentrate on the more seriously injured patients while additional help was on the way.

The serious nature of the injured prevented us from obtaining the names of these individuals, but we believe that a note of thanks is in order.

To all those helpful and nameless individuals we wish to express our deepest thanks.



Los Angeles

Moede and Mckee are paramedics with Rescue Ambulance 34 of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

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