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Lay Foundation First

February 09, 1986

In "Schools Should Scrap Dull Term 'Economics,' Teach About Money" (Viewpoints, Jan. 26), Loren Dunton suggested that the term "economics" be scrapped in favor of financial education. Proposing that public schools teach about money before or instead of economics demonstrates the lack of understanding of some basic principles of education. A broader foundation of our economy must be taught before one can grasp the full understanding of money dynamics. After all, students must learn addition and subtraction before they can understand algebra.

It is ludicrous to suggest that the term "economics" be scrapped because a few feel it to be a dull term. Ronald Reagan obviously didn't think so; he has a degree in economics, as I do.

Madeline Hunter, a pioneer in education once stated, "The art of teaching is how you serve it." As a future educator of economics, I plan to make it everything but dull.

The law mandating economics was widely written so as to cover different levels of economics for the different capabilities of the students. It is my hope that I may have a chance to show Loren Dunton's grandson Gabriel and many alike how intriguing, interesting and important our economy is.

I believe that we should focus our energies on making courses more attractive to students so as to encourage their involvement and create a larger demand for those courses. After all, that's basic economics.


Substitute Teacher

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

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