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Boss Hogg Alley

February 09, 1986

For most of my life, I have seen things named and then renamed after famous people.

For instance, I attended Martin Van Buren High School in New York. I would ice skate in Rockefeller Center and attend the Guggenheim Museum.

Of course names have been changed to honor some of our heroes and leaders: Idylwild Airport in New York is now JFK, NASA headquarters in Texas is now the Johnson Space Center, and, closer to home, we have the Moscone Center in San Francisco, along with our own San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium.

A safe bet might be that the Washington library will NEVER be renamed the Richard Nixon Library of Political and Business Ethics!

Now, we come to the other side of the coin. Some people just don't ever get the amount of credit they so richly deserve. I think this situation should be remedied.

Shortly, our neighbors in San Dieguito will go to the polls to make some choices: Cityhood--yes or no? If yes, the name of the new city will be. . . ?

I would like to suggest another option--the renaming of two major thoroughfares. I propose that Encinitas Boulevard be changed to Eckert Boulevard, while the equally unpassable El Camino Real be altered to Boss Hogg Alley. Think about it. What single person has had more to do with the congestion, overbuilding, air pollution and downright insensitive planning than county Supervisor Paul Eckert?

I understand it's an election year, Paul, and you're trying to clean up your act. The new glasses help, along with your better tailored suits and modified haircut. A major problem is still your mouth . . . you should really endeavor not to open it!

Now all you frustrated people out there, get on the bandwagon. Let's rename these two streets so future generations will not forget how they wound up in this mess.

Wouldn't it relieve some of your stress if your boss asked you, "Why are you late for work again?"

I could then respond that I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes at the corner of Eckert Boulevard and Boss Hogg Alley!

Gail A. Paparian

Solana Beach

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