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Pico Drain Runoff Woes

February 09, 1986

The fact that a task force is now calling for the diversion of pollutants that currently spill into the ocean through the Pico Boulevard drainage outlets, is frustratingly welcome news to residents of the area.

For years, those who have lived around the area have known of the stench and filth created by the runoffs but have contstantly gotten the bureaucratic runaround from the city of Santa Monica.

It wasn't too long ago that I returned from work only to find the area surrounding the drainage outlet sealed off and crowded with police and firefighters. I was told it was a major diesel fuel spill. The following morning I placed a call to the city, only to be transfered to three different departments, none knowing what had happend.

So you'll pardon me if I don't believe the task force member who noted in your story that "the runoff is heavily diluted once it reaches the ocean and no longer poses a health hazard."

Let's face it, there has been a consistent dumping of health-threatening pollutants into Santa Monica Bay for many years. Residents would be wise to follow their instincts rather than the words of self-serving bureaucrats. Eventually, the real truth will be told.

Finally, don't you think one paragph about the clean-up effort not starting until after the summer should have gotten a more pronounced and visible place in the story? Three lines at the end hardly serves your readership.



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