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Beverly Hills' 'Indignation'

February 10, 1986

Instead of being chastised by your editorial (Jan. 30), "Indignation Takes a Wrong Turn," the Beverly Hills City Council should be applauded for adopting its Jan. 21 resolution "That a letter be sent to the State Department opposing the location of the South African Consulate in the City of Beverly Hills."

The City Council had previously, on Dec. 3, 1985, adopted a resolution "condemn(ing) the apartheid policies of the government of South Africa as unconscionable, abhorrent and inhuman," and urging that government "to abandon its policies of apartheid and to accord all citizens under its jurisdiction equal rights, privileges and protections."

Its action on Jan. 21 properly expressed its opinion that the South African consulate is not something the city is proud of and would rather see someplace else. No unprejudiced person can deny that South Africa is in fact a slave state with more than 20 million of its people deprived of all rights as citizens and virtually all rights as human beings.

Regrettably, the Beverly Hills City Council has no power to "evict" the South African Consulate, but it is to be congratulated for stating that it is not welcome here.


Beverly Hills

\o7 Slaff is a former mayor of Beverly Hills.


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