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Morning Briefing

Dodger Pitchers Already Seem to Be Settled in a Groove

February 11, 1986

Dodger pitchers were honored Monday by the Hollenbeck Youth Center at a luncheon at the Bonaventure Hotel, and the occasion triggered some sharp exchanges.

Orel Hershiser, on his contract situation: "I don't have a contract problem. The only problem with mine is where to put the decimal point."

Jerry Reuss, on coach Ron Perranoski: "When he comes out to yank you, there's a lot less fuss than with Tom Lasorda. One time, he came out and said, 'Congratulations, you've managed to get one more man out than a dead man could.' "

Catcher Mike Scioscia, on the staff: "We've got an interesting mix. We have Mexicans, Hawaiians, a couple of Germans and a couple of guys who have no idea where they are from or where they are going. I told those guys I wouldn't mention their names, didn't I, Bob Welch?"

Said Sam Snead after Fuzzy Zoeller collected $108,000 for winning the AT&T Pro-Am, formerly the Crosby Pro-Am: "I won four of those things and my total winnings didn't come to $8,000."

Kathryn Crosby, Bing's widow, said Bing took $2,000 from his own pocket for prize money after the first tournament in 1937.

"Sam Snead won first prize, which was $500, a lot of money in those days," she said. "Bing started to write out a check and Sam said to him, 'If it's all the same to you, Mr. Bing, I'd like cash.' "

Presumably, the $500 remains safely stored in a tomato can buried in a West Virginia backyard.

Trivia Time: Former Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman is the answer to what trivia question? (Answer below.)

Let's hear it for acupuncture. It's on a roll. It started with Jim McMahon in the Super Bowl. In following weeks, LPGA winner Ayako Okamoto of Japan and U.S. figure skating champion Brian Boitano revealed they overcame injuries through needle treatments.

McMahon was one of a number of Chicago Bears to undergo acupuncture, causing Cincinnati disc jockey Buddy Baron to say: "It's a good thing William Perry didn't need it. They'd have had to use a harpoon."

If you've wondered how Anthony (Spud) Webb got his nickname, it has nothing to do with potatoes. As a child, he had a shortage of hair on his head, so they called him Sputnik. It later was shortened to Spud.

Add Webb: Atlanta Coach Mike Fratello can relate to him more than most coaches since he is also 5-7. That makes for a fringe benefit.

"If I ever lose my luggage," Fratello says, "I know where to go to borrow some clothes."

Oops Dept.: Former USC basketball guard Tom McGarvin went to high school at Pasadena Muir, not Santa Monica as reported Saturday. McGarvin later was the basketball coach and athletic director at Santa Monica College.

Just Asking: Has anybody noted that the only games lost by the top teams in professional and college football in 1985 were to Miami teams with outstanding passers?

The University of Miami, with Vinny Testaverde, beat Oklahoma, 27-14. The Miami Dolphins, with Dan Marino, beat the Chicago Bears, 38-24.

Trivia Answer: He was the player Woody Hayes slugged in the 1978 Gator Bowl, leading to Hayes' firing as the Ohio State football coach. Bauman had intercepted a pass, ending Ohio State's last chance for victory. Clemson won, 17-15.


Edgar Jones of the Cleveland Cavaliers, claiming he wasn't impressed by the San Diego Chicken's performance at a game: "I think we should find some grease, cut him up and have a feast."

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