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Beatty to Help N.Y. Demo in Senate Race

February 12, 1986|MARYLOUISE OATES | Times Staff Writer

HOT TICKET--Local Democrats would love this kind of help, but Warren Beatty--who could turn out a crowd for the opening of an envelope--is donating his star appeal to the New York Senate race. He'll do four major fund-raisers for Mark Green, the Democratic hopeful who did the speechwriting chores for Sen. Gary Hart in his presidential try. Green will declare shortly that he's running for the seat currently held by Republican Sen. Alphonse M. D'Amato. Chevy Chase worked for Green in his try for Congress several years back, but it didn't help the results. . . . Locally, Margaret Brock decided that among those hot to contribute to new GOP state headquarters, the Ronald Reagan California Republican Center in Glendale, would be those who've made their money by putting Republicans in office. So, in addition to her $10,000 and $5,000 contributors, Mrs. Republican lined up as $1,000 givers political pros like Ron Smith, Keith Coplen, Bill Roberts, Joyce Valdez and Stu Spencer.

SERVING UP SERVICE--The tables got turned Sunday. On the receiving end were Frank and Lucy Casado, those Melrose Avenue restaurateurs who for decades have ladled out their own brand of warmth to legions of politicians, rock 'n' rollers and journalists. The fund-raiser fiesta for the In-School Scouting program in East L.A. filled the big backyard at the Hancock Park home of Richard and Jeanne Garcia. Lt. Gov. Leo McCarthy made a quick drop by on his way to LAX, presenting the Casados with a special resolution from the State of California. The Casados' close friend, Councilman John Ferraro, announced that the sunny weather had been ordered "special for the 4th District. It's not so good in other parts of the city." Atty. Gen. John Van de Kamp--"I was never an Eagle Scout. I was a Trailblazer"--said that what was "abundantly clear is that we have to try new forms of getting through to young people" and that the in-school scouting program was an important way. He praised the Casados, saying, "I don't know how many other people have found refuge with their good humor and love and charm over the years. . . . They are simply terrific." Buddies like NBC's Pete Moraga Jr. and KHJ's Fernando del Rio--he chairs the In-School Scouting Committee--were in the crowd when Lucy Casado thanked her friends "for all those kids who I know will someday in their lives remember that someone cared."

NOT MOVING--Don't be dismayed by the "for rent" sign in front of artist Tony Duquette's West Hollywood studio. This L.A. institution is not moving. He's simply renting out some extra space. But San Francisco will become the base for the Tony Duquette Foundation. He's currently converting a former synagogue at Geary near Fillmore and, according to his associate, Hutton Wilkinson, is going to do something there similar to his gigantic "angels" exhibit.

MALIBU RAINBOW--Malibu could have a pick for the Academy Award for best documentary. "Broken Rainbow," which tells of the displacement of 10,000 Navahos, was narrated by Malibu residents Martin Sheen and Burgess Meredith, while his neighbor Ali MacGraw was the special consultant to the film. It was made by two woman, both Malibuites--Victoria Mudd (of the well-known Southern California family) and Maria Florio.

SLIGHT DELAY--There's been a short postponement to the San Francisco Gala for the American Foundation for Aids Research, chaired by Elizabeth Taylor. It will now be set for late May or early June, and those involved tell us that AMFAR is bringing out its big guns to do a major outreach to the S.F. corporate community.

NO SALE--Hey, for those still believing in the strength of advertising on TV, Rosanna Arquette still hasn't gotten any takers for her black Porsche, even though she mentioned on the "Tonight" show several weeks back that it was on the block. She won't have time to sell it when shooting begins on her new film--with Eric Roberts, who this year got his first Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor for "Runaway Train." Arquette was just nominated for a "British Academy Award" for her role in "Desperately Seeking Susan." The new film is called "Nobody's Perfect."

SAVE DATE--The Betty Clooney Foundation for the Brain Injured holds "Singers' Salute to the Songwriter" with a truly star-laden cast April 7 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. . . . The Young Musicians Foundation's annual Mother-Daughter Celebrity Fashion Show, March 27, and Joan Collins is again supposed to strut her stuff . . . The Constitutional Rights Foundation Annual Spring Dinner, May 12 . . . The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts 6th Annual "Ole" celebration and Angel Awards Dinner, May 2 on the Queen Mary . . . The Assn. of Asian Pacific American Artists' second annual Media Awards Dinner March 17 at the Beverly Wilshire. . . . Back from their weekend in Palm Springs, the members of The Group of Otis/Parsons are planning their June 14 benefit, a "Roman Holiday". . . . Shirley MacLaine is the special guest April 19 at "Dancing in the Night," a San Francisco benefit for the Business Executives for National Security, chaired by real estate mogul Don Carlson.

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