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Division I Football Teams Pass on Recruiting SDCC Players

February 12, 1986|DAVE HATZ

SAN DIEGO — Four of the area's five community college football programs have had success getting full scholarships to four-year schools for their sophomores.

But not a single player from San Diego City College has received a scholarship offer from a Division I school.

"It's amazing," Coach Joe Duke said. "I don't know what to think or what to do. We've got several kids who are capable of playing Division I football, but not many guys have been around to look at them."

Duke said SDCC usually places between 10 and 14 players at Division I and II schools each year. He is confident a number of his players will be picked up by smaller schools later on.

But that's no consolation now. "Heck, yes, we're very disappointed," he said. "It's very unusual (despite SDCC's 1-9 record in 1985). There was one season we didn't win a single game, but we still placed several players at big schools.

"We've got a few guys who can play. A Division I team could come in here now and practically steal some guys."

Grossmont College Coach Jim Symington offered one explanation for the lack of interest in the Knights' players:

"It could be that their best people play positions that aren't in demand. It seems like the needs of the four-year schools are different every year. One time they'll be looking for defensive backs and offensive linemen. Then the next time they'll need linebackers and receivers.

"But it's still unusual to think that not one of their kids has been recruited. No, I don't think their record has anything to do with it. Every team has four-year prospects, regardless of their record. It's hard to believe the recruiters don't think City has a single prospect."

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