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Baseball Commissioner Offers a Plan to Help Rid Nation of Illegal Drugs

February 12, 1986

Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth has yet to announce his promised proposal for freeing baseball of drugs, but he has announced a plan for society.

Ueberroth outlined his proposals for eliminating what he called the "engine of crime in this country" during a speech Monday night at Yale University.

Ueberroth called for cooperation on the part of government and of the public and private sectors in a five-part plan of education and enforcement that would entail:

--"Good, aggressive diplomacy in the countries that grow the stuff."

--Better control on the United States' borders to prevent illegal drugs from entering the country.

--Legislation that would allow for better use of existing resources, particularly the military, to stop drug smuggling.

--A reassessment of the enforcement of drug laws in the country by the police and the courts.

--Better education and involvement by private companies, schools and families. "If businesses can spend millions and millions and millions of dollars on advertising shampoo and beer, they can spend a little on educating about drugs," Ueberroth said.

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