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Southland's Water Needs

February 13, 1986

I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for the comments outlined by the Metropolitan Water District general manager, Carl Boronkay, in his article (Editorial Pages, Jan. 20), "The Price Will Be Too High If We Don't Act on Water."

As a member of the House Public Works and Transportation Committee (as well as the Water Resources subcommittee), I have met with Boronkay on a number of occasions to discuss potential solutions to the water problems we face in California. During these discussions, I have been impressed with the vigor in which he has pursued some of the innovative solutions that were outlined in his article.

Since the Metropolitan Water District delivers imported water to agencies that serve more than 13 million people, the policies implemented by that agency will have a definite impact on the quality and economic vitality of our state well into the next century.

I hope the Metropolitan Water District board of directors and Boronkay stay on the course they have set with respect to the various conservation measures in place or under discussion. Water supply should not be considered just a Southern California problem; it is a concern that should be shared--and solved--by all factions.

I further suggest that Gov. George Deukmejian charge a statewide commission with the responsibility of recommending a comprehensive state water plan, to guide us to the long-term solution of all of California's water needs.

The latest efforts by Metropolitan Water District is a step in the right direction and one that should be supported by all of us who are concerned with the future of our state.


Member of Congress

43rd District


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