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Keep Schools Open Late for Special Instruction

February 15, 1986

There has been much attention given to the problems in education. Low achievement, dropouts, low test scores and inadequate college preparation have all been discussed at great lengths.

A possible solution would be to utilize the facilities and personnel of the school after normal school hours.

Many students do not have appropriate study space at home, resource materials or persons to answer their questions regarding their studies.

There are also teachers who would like to earn additional money.

It makes sense to pay volunteer teachers at an "overtime" rate (not to be less than their regular pro-rated hourly average) to supervise special study sessions after their regular teaching day is over.

These classes would be kept small so that teachers could work closely with the students needing or wanting special help.

Teachers would not be faced with discipline problems since students who misbehave would be immediately dismissed. Only those students (and teachers) who wanted to be there would be in attendance.

In this manner, students wanting special help would have the opportunity to receive it from the people most qualified to give it.


El Segundo

Van Pelt is president of the El Segundo Education Assn.

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