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Fight Could Have Been Avoided

February 15, 1986

This letter is in response to your articles regarding a Canyon High football player who was involved in one of six or seven fights following the Canyon-Burroughs Ridgecrest basketball game last Friday night at Canyon.

I'm thoroughly frustrated, not to mention a little upset, at the actions of these so-called school administrators--especially at Mr. Campbell, the assistant coach of Burroughs who claims he was battered by Chad Zeigler, a 16-year-old student at Canyon.

It is evident that Chad acted instinctively and not maliciously against Mr. Campbell, and what Campbell is suffering from is not a sore lip, but more from hurt pride. It's a hard thing to swallow, Mr. Campbell, but maybe if the teachers and supervisors at the game had done their job, none of this would have happened.

As an ex-high school coach, I know what precautions must be taken to eliminate such an incident from happening, especially when so much is at stake (a league championship) and emotions are high. It is evident that not enough, if any, precaution was taken.

Parents and adults preach to kids to get involved and do what they think is right. That's exactly what Chad did and now he's expelled from school for a total of 15 days, awaiting a hearing with the district school board to see if he's allowed to return to Canyon for his senior year.

Give me a break.

Glenn D. Prichard Jr.


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