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'Dallas' Ungushed

February 16, 1986|John M. Wilson

Lorimar-Telepictures reportedly got $50 million upfront for syndication rights to "Dallas"--but Advertising Age, working from Nielsen statistics, says the series is struggling in its 93 markets. Among the revelations:

"Dallas" loses in its top 10 markets (and wins only twice in its top 50).

"America" (before it was canceled) beat "Dallas" in Phoenix and Albany; "Jeopardy" whipped it in Denver and Memphis; in L.A., "Wheel of Fortune" slugs it.

Even in Dallas and San Antonio it loses to reruns of "Diff'rent Strokes." (Sniffed Ad Age: "So much for state pride.")

In various other markets, J.R. & Co. get trampled by the likes of "Divorce Court," "The Munsters," "Joker's Wild," "Thundercats" and "Romper Room."

A Lorimar-Telepic rep pointed out that in its first year of reruns, "Dallas" was the first hourlong series to be successfully syndicated, triggering an over-saturation by other prime-time soaps.

" 'Dallas' is doing well on some stations and not so well on others--it's a mixed bag," said the rep. "We're basically happy with it, because it's delivering its target syndication audience (women 25-54). Comparing syndication to network (ratings) is like comparing apples to oranges."

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