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Caution: Entities At Work

February 16, 1986

In "Entities at Work 'Out on a Limb' " (by Roderick Mann, Feb. 9), four Americans and two Peruvians take a trip up a mountain to see a sign that said "Flying saucers do exist. UFO contact point."

After dark, Stan Margulies is told by a Peruvian that they have already stopped at the sign, "examined (it) carefully," and then driven on.

None of the four Americans has any recollection of this having occurred. They ask Shirley MacLaine for her expert opinion and she says, "The entities are at work." This interpretation is apparently accepted without skepticism.

Let me see if I've got this straight:

1--They take an 11-hour drive up a 14,000 foot mountain for the sole purpose of seeing this sign, and nobody wants to go back and really see it?

2--The same mysterious thing happens on the trip back down?

3--At least one of the four is an "astute and highly professional film maker" (Mann's words) and he took no pictures?

4--Margulies "found that extraordinary" and never considered that the Peruvian was lying?

I can hardly wait for the wave of trance-channeling that will sweep across the U.S. after this film casts an equally critical and objective eye on the topic.


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