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Commuter Lanes and Two Freeways

February 16, 1986

After reading the article on the new Costa Mesa Freeway commuter lanes (Jan. 6), I could not help but feel that those people who were reacting negatively were doing so out of "sour grapes" because they have not been able to take advantage of the commuter lane. So far, it has not only decreased travel time for commuters, but also for those in the normal-flow lanes.

Accidents have actually decreased in frequency on other freeways with these lanes. One of the accomplishments of the new commuter lane has been to increase the number of car-pooling commuters. I now drive to work with someone as a direct result of the new lane.

The reportedly irregular traffic flow of the first few weeks will settle into a pattern in time.

If a few people feel cheated out of tax dollars and are dissatisfied with not being able to use the new lane, I propose they stop complaining and find someone to share the ride with to work.

We in Southern California have botched up our public transportation system to the point that it is one of the worst of any major metropolitan area in this, or any, country.

Sure, it's a hassle sometimes that entails arranging schedules and perhaps less freedom when you're not the driver, but the payoff is decreased travel time and the satisfaction of contributing, in a small but measurable way, to cleaning up our environment.


Costa Mesa

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