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February 16, 1986|LEE MARGULIES

Richard Crenna and John Shea will portray father and son lawyers in "A Case of Deadly Force," a TV movie that's being made for CBS. It's based on "Deadly Force," a book by Lawrence O'Donnell Jr. about his three-year investigation into the fatal shooting of a man by Boston police.

Mark Harmon, who recently played a womanizing pool man in "The Prince of Bel Air," will portray a mass murderer in "The Deliberate Stranger," a four-hour movie for NBC. He'll be seen as Theodore Robert Bundy, who is in prison in Florida after being convicted of killing two college co-eds and a 12-year-old girl.

Michael York, Sheree North, Marian Mercer, Belinda Balaski and Beth Miller are starring in "Are You My Mother?," an installment of the "ABC Afterschool Special" about the homeless. It's about a 16-year-old girl who discovers that the mother she thought was dead is actually alive and living on the streets. It's scheduled for broadcast March 5.

Mac Davis will star in Friday's episode of "Webster" that the producers hope will lead to a new series. He plays a country singer who works at a home for foster children. Also cast in the spinoff pilot are Norman Fell, formerly of "Three's Company," and Allyn Ann McLerie, formerly of "The Tony Randall Show."

Joanna Cassidy, Linda Purl and Tracy Nelson play women who have a shot at the love affairs of their lives in "Pleasures," a TV movie being made for ABC. Cassidy and Purl play sisters; Nelson portrays Cassidy's teen-age daughter. Also in the cast are Barry Bostwick, Rick Moses and Quinn Cummings.

Roxana Zal, an Emmy Award winner for her performance as the abused daughter in "Something About Amelia," will star in "God, the Universe and Hot Fudge Sundaes," a drama for young people that will air under the "CBS Schoolbreak Special" umbrella April 1. She plays a teen-ager who comes to question her religious beliefs when her sister becomes terminally ill. Melanie Gaffin plays the sister; Millie Perkins and Jim Haynie play their parents.

The comic strip "Blondie" has been brought to life by actors in the movies and twice as a TV series, in 1957 and 1968. Now, it is being brought to life as the cartoon it is. Marvel Productions is making a half-hour animated "Blondie" special for CBS.

Donna Dixon, Melody Anderson and Terry Farrell will play high-priced call girls in "Beverly Hills Madam," a TV movie that NBC plans to broadcast this spring. Faye Dunaway stars in the title role. Louis Jordan co-stars.

Hayley Mills, who played twin sisters in the 1961 motion picture "The Parent Trap," will reprise that role in "The Parent Trap II," a TV movie in the works for cable's Disney Channel. In the new film, the sisters are grown with families of their own but still manage to put their identical appearances to comedic use.

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