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'Here's to the Ladies'

February 16, 1986

Actually, I think it's more of a testament to the times that after I read Kilpatrick's short diatribe on feminism I chuckled to myself, "Dream on James!" instead of getting upset as I would have 10 years ago.

I neither burn nor wear bras (I never buy them in the first place). I work as a professional, able to financially support causes I believe in. I own a house. I have one sister who's a doctor and another who's an engineer.

Free abortions are included in my health plan. Marriage has lost any attraction it ever had. I'm single, 31, and planning a child in two years that the father will be staying home to raise.

Women served in Grenada. Women died in space.

Feminism has become commonplace. I don't have to yell about it, I live it--which was, after all, the goal.

By the way, what ever became of Phyllis Schlafly?


Manhattan Beach

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