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Safe Passage For Dictators

February 16, 1986

Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier of Haiti, probably the most brutal and murderous dictator in our hemisphere, has been rescued by President Reagan from the justice and retribution he should have faced.

Not only was he rescued, but he and his coterie were transported in comfort and security on U.S. Army planes to a 4-star hotel in France.

This at our expense.

President Reagan prattles on about furthering democracy in the world while he sustains and nourishes dictators as long as they are kind to American business interests.

The U.S. government has supported the vicious governments of the Duvaliers in Haiti, the Somozas of Nicaragua, and Marcos of the Philippines.

In fact, the attempts of the people of these countries for years to overthrow their oppressors have constantly been thwarted by the United States.


Del Mar

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