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City Prep Basketball Playoffs : Crenshaw Top-Seeded, San Pedro No. 2 in 4-A

February 16, 1986

Two-time defending City champion Crenshaw (10-0) is top-seeded in the boys' 4-A division basketball playoffs, which begin Friday night.

San Pedro (8-2), which tied with Carson (8-2) for the Marine league title but defeated the Colts twice, is seeded No. 2.

The winner of the Valley League, either Cleveland (10-1) or Fairfax (9-2), will be seeded third.

If Cleveland defeats Kennedy at Kennedy High Wednesday, the Cavaliers will win the title outright. If Cleveland loses and Fairfax wins at Reseda (0-11) Wednesday, Cleveland and Fairfax will tie for the title and a coin flip will decide which team is No. 1 and therefore seeded third.

The loser of the flip will be the fourth-seeded team and will play the winner of the Dorsey-Washington playoff game in the first round.

Northern League champion Marshall is the top-seeded team in the 3-A division. Northwest Valley League titlist Granada Hills is seeded No. 2 , East Valley champion Poly (9-1) is No. 3 and the winner of a coin flip among Jefferson, University and Venice, all tied for the Pac-6 League title at 7-3, will be No. 4.

BOYS 4-A DIVISION UPPER BRACKET--Dorsey or Washington (at-large team/Central No. 6) at Crenshaw (Central No. 1); Kennedy or Fairfax (Valley No. 3) at Manual Arts (Marine No. 3); Palisades (Central No. 4) at Carson (Marine No. 2); Dorsey or Washington (Central No. 5) at Cleveland or Fairfax (Valley No. 2).

LOWER BRACKET--Gardena (Marine No. 5) at Fairfax or Cleveland (Valley No. 1); Banning (Marine No. 4) at Fremont (Central No. 2); Taft or El Camino Real (Valley No. 4) at Westchester (Central No. 3); El Camino Real or Taft (Valley No. 5) at San Pedro (Marine No. 1).

3-A DIVISION UPPER BRACKET--At-Large team, Lincoln or Wilson (Northern No. 4) or Birmingham or Chatsworth (Northwest No. 4) at Marshall (Northern No. 1; Chatsworth or San Fernando (Northwest Valley No. 2) at North Hollywood (East Valley No. 2); Van Nuys (East Valley No. 3) at South Gate (Eastern No. 1); Chatsworth or San Fernando (Northwest Valley No. 3) at Jefferson, Venice or University (Pac 6 No. 1).

LOWER BRACKET--Narbonne (Eastern No. 3) at Poly (East Valley No. 1); Jefferson, University or Venice (Pac-6 No. 3) at Eagle Rock (Northern No. 2); Bell (Eastern No. 2) at Jefferson, University or Venice (Pac-6 No. 2); Lincoln or Wilson (Northern No. 3) at Granada Hills (Northwest Valley No. 1).

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