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Reagan's Goals for United States

February 18, 1986

This President who seems to have mesmerized many intelligent legislators to the point of timidity, has done the following for we Americans:

He is responsible for the horrendous growth of our national debt, refusing to face up to it and laying the blame elsewhere.

He has done nothing to stop the hemorrhaging of jobs in our manufacturing industries (except for weapons of destruction).

He continues to slash support for educational, social and safety programs to help finance the continuing insane "defense" buildup.

He makes the Russians look like amateurs in the area of propaganda with his Administration's manipulation of the media, feeding us nauseating irrelevancies, while he and his cohorts inflame the public with anti-Russian rhetoric to maintain support for his program that is leading us into bankruptcy and down the slippery road toward inadvertent wars, including the final one.

He certainly has accelerated the process of accentuating the meanness in our national character, in various ways, including trying to tear down separation between church and state that has served our nation so well.

He has pushed us along the road to self-destruction (as a healthy pluralistic society) no longer concerned with the welfare of all our citizens.



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