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Main Lobby to Be Expanded : Burbank Airport Remodeling Planned

February 19, 1986|GREG BRAXTON | Times Staff Writer

While continuing the search for a new terminal site, Burbank Airport officials are making plans to enlarge and remodel the existing facility.

Victor Gill, director of communications for the airport, said the main lobby will be enlarged by tearing down some walls. The area will then be able to accommodate more waiting passengers, he said.

In addition, an alternate entrance will be built for the terminal's east concourse from an alley between the terminal and a nearby office building, Gill said. The only access to the east concourse now is through the main terminal building.

Several restrooms also will be renovated.

$200,000 in Improvements

The improvements will cost about $200,000, Gill said. Bids for the work are being solicited.

Officials also are searching for a new terminal location. Land owned by Lockheed Corp. that was the primary site for a new terminal was withdrawn from consideration after the federal government ruled in December that the land is too close to buildings where engineers work on secret defense projects.

A new terminal must be built because the Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that the existing terminal, built 55 years ago, is too close to the runway to meet current safety standards.

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