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Paramount : 2 Bombs Called Unrelated

February 20, 1986

No motives have been established in two separate incidents involving pipe bombs in the city, county sheriff's deputies said Wednesday.

There is no evidence to link the two bombs found more than a mile apart on different days, Deputy Steve Fitzsimmons said.

The first bomb was discovered Monday in a gutter across the street from Paramount High School, 14429 S. Downey Ave., by a passer-by, said Sheriff's Lt. John Anderson.

That pipe bomb, which was 10 to 12 inches long and set to explode with an electrical charge, was dismantled by members of the sheriff's arson and explosives detail.

On Tuesday, a pipe bomb exploded beneath a small car as the driver left a parking stall at an apartment complex at 15920 Indiana Ave., Fitzsimmons said.

The driver of the car, Kenneth Hove, 32, was uninjured and there was minor damage to the car, Fitzsimmons said.

The bomb, similar in size to the one found earlier, apparently had been attached underneath the car and was rigged to explode when the engine was switched on, Anderson said.

However, as Hove drove away the device fell from the vehicle and exploded, Anderson said.

There are no suspects in the two incidents, deputies said.

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