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L.A. Community College Layoffs

February 21, 1986

The decision by the Los Angeles Community College board of trustees to fire 20 nursing instructors will have a detrimental effect on both students and the community.

For many years, nursing students have been educated by a dedicated group of nursing faculty.

By decreasing the number of faculty, the educational programs in nursing will be compromised and will no longer be viable.

The alternative is the baccalaureate programs, which are quite expensive. There are not enough of these programs to meet the nursing needs of the community. Also, many students, especially those in the lower socioeconomic groups, will be unable to afford a baccalaureate education.

Without the district fulfilling its obligation to the community of educating nurses, the nursing shortage will be perpetuated and health care for the community will suffer.


Canoga Park

Solomon is a professor of nursing at L.A. Pierce College

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