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Choosing Between Fares

February 23, 1986|ERIC FRIEDHEIM | Friedheim is editor/publisher of Travel Agent magazine

Question: When is it better to buy a full-fare economy ticket than an excursion?

Answer: On some multiple-destination overseas routes the full-fare ticket permits free stopovers, whereas the excursion allows point-to-point travel and any additional tickets must be bought. The sum of these can cost more than the higher-priced regular ticket.

Q: Do top-rated European restaurants accept reservation requests mailed from here?

A: Most will do so but it is advisable to reconfirm your reservation as soon as possible upon arriving abroad.

Q: Is it true that tourists to Australia and New Zealand can stay at farms and ranches for less than $10 a night including meals?

A: Farmers do invite travelers and the rates range from about $15 a night per person in New Zealand to about $28 in Australia, including breakfast and dinner. Contact your travel agent.

Q: What's the difference between the Swiss Holiday Card pass and various other cards available to Americans touring Switzerland?

A: The Swiss Holiday Card offers unlimited transport on trains, buses and steamers at rates ranging from $66 for four days to $130 a month second-class and $98 to $191 first-class. A half-fare travel card costing $28 for 15 days and $34 for a month allows a 50% discount on major Swiss railways. Senior citizen half-fare cards also give hotel discounts. Cards can be bought through travel agents or the Swiss National Tourist Office, 250 Stockton St., San Francisco 94108.

Q: On our trip to the South we'd like to visit Jamestown, Va. Is its historic festival site open all year?

A: Jamestown Festival Park, near Williamsburg, is open throughout the year. Exhibits include an Indian Village, reproductions of sailing vessels, reconstruction of James Fort, site of the first Colonial town and the Yorktown American Revolution Gallery.

Q: I'm interested in joining a bicycle tour this summer. What are the age limits and where do they go?

A: Such tours usually are escorted by teachers or graduate students, with participants between 13 and 18. The trips include camps, hotels and bed and breakfast. Itineraries cover the United States, Canada and Europe. Contact The Biking Expedition, P.O. Box 547, Henniker, N.H. 03242.

Q: Is there good golf on the small Caribbean islands?

A: Many Caribbean islands aren't so small. Jamaica, for example, is about four times the size of Delaware and the Dominican Republic (which isn't even an entire island) is larger than Pennsylvania. But even on many smaller islands they've found room for well-designed, full-length courses.

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