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A Real Dutch Treat

February 23, 1986|JACK ADLER

The Netherlands Board of Tourism has come out with a new "Holland Leisure Card" and a revised "Holland Culture Card."

The Holland Leisure Card costs $7.50 and is good for a year. It comes with a voucher book that includes a 55% discount on a first-class day pass for unlimited travel by rail, bus, tram and subway throughout the country. You also get a 30% discount on domestic flights on NLM CityHopper planes; a 25% discount on car rentals, and a 25% discount on a dozen motor-coach and boat sightseeing excursions.

Special admission offers include 20%-50% discounts on tickets to 18 tourist attractions in Holland; a 10% discount on the National Museum Card (regular price is 20 guilders), which provides entry to 250 museums; free admission to Holland's four major casinos, and at least a 20% discount on performances at the Rotterdam Concert Hall. This card also spares you being charged a reservation fee when booking tickets for theater, opera or ballet performances through the tourist offices.

In addition, you can receive a 10% reduction on purchases made at a major Amsterdam department store and at the Amsterdam Diamond Centre. A gratis drink is available at any of 30 Romantik restaurants.

The new version of the Holland Culture Card costs $15 for one year. You get a complimentary copy of the National Museum Card and pay no reservation fee when booking concerts or other cultural events from blocks of special reserved seats. Various courtesy discounts are offered to art clubs, galleries and studios.

The culture card provides a 55% discount on a first-class day pass for unlimited travel by rail, bus, tram, subway; 30% discount on domestic flights, and a 25% discount on six motor-coach/boat excursions. Discounts of 50% are available to the Holland Art & Craft Center in Amsterdam and on admission to the Aalsmeer Flower Auction. Gratis drinks at Romantik restaurants are also included.

Both cards must be purchased in the United States from a travel agent or the Netherlands Board of Tourism (605 Market St., San Francisco 94105). There is a postage/handling fee of $1.50 for the packet including the wallet-sized card, vouchers and other material. For more information, call the tourist office at (213) 678-8802 or (415) 543-6772.

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