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Raise Limit to 65 M.P.H.?

February 27, 1986

The recommendation to raise the speed limit to 65 m.p.h. on some of our freeways is a step in the right direction, but it should only be a beginning.

The 55 m.p.h. speed limit is despised by the great majority of all drivers nationwide as is evidenced by the speed driven on the freeways. The law does not only become a laughingstock, but it also creates disrespect for the law as a whole. Recent polls clearly show that more than 70% of all drivers in America dislike the 55-speed limit:

--The Oklahoma AAA--76% for repeal.

--Nation's Business magazine--61.4% for repeal.

--Northeastern University, Boston--70% for repeal.

--USA Today--75.8% for repeal.

The reason why in the past more people supported the national maximum speed limit was because they have been brainwashed to believe that the slower speed saves lives. It is impossible now to support this theory in view of the fact that nobody abides by the speed limit.

The only ones benefiting from the current arbitrary and archaic speed limit are insurance companies that set rates according to the point system, and local governments that collect the speed violation fines.


San Dimas

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