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ROCKY: Down for the Count : Culver City Won't Do Roadwork for Rocky

February 27, 1986|JAMES RAINEY | Times Staff Writer

Rocky has lost a unanimous decision to the Culver City Planning Commission.

Chartoff-Winkler Productions Inc. of Culver City, whose "Rocky" movies have grossed more than $500 million, asked the commission to change a street named Jean Place to Rocky Place to honor the boxing underdog played by Sylvester Stallone.

But the commission voted 5 to 0 last week against renaming the short dead-end street on which Chartoff-Winkler has its office. The street runs north from Washington Boulevard near the main gate of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios.

City staff member Debbie Rich said street names are changed only to prevent confusion.

Rich said she also recommended against the change because of a letter from the property owner across the street from Chartoff-Winkler.

Ruth Tinger told the city that she likes the old name just fine. Tinger, 82, said that if "for some unknown reason" the city does want to change the name, it should be called Tinger Place, after her late husband. Edward Tinger was a Culver City resident and businessman for more than 50 years and served on the city Civil Service Commission.

John Simpson, a controller for Chartoff-Winkler, said the company will consider appealing the decision to the City Council.

Stallone could not be reached for comment.

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