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Fred Robinson Is Arrested in Barroom Brawl

March 09, 1986|ARMANDO ACUNA | Times Staff Writer

San Diego Chargers defensive end Fred (Big Dog) Robinson was released Saturday from County Jail after being arrested during a barroom brawl with police in which two officers were injured.

The melee started Friday night after two San Diego vice detectives asked Robinson's girlfriend, who they suspected was under 21, to accompany them outside the bar of the Radisson Hotel in Mission Valley for questioning.

The fight--which police say erupted into a brawl after several bar patrons tried to stop police from arresting Robinson--landed the football player in jail.

Robinson was booked on suspicion of two counts of battery on a police officer with injury, resisting arrest with force, fighting in a public place and lynching (a charge used when someone tries to take a suspect out of police custody). All the charges are felonies.

Robinson's bail was set at $26,100. He was released on bail at 7:05 a.m., Saturday, said a spokeswoman at County Jail downtown. Robinson, 24, a two-year veteran out of the University of Miami who is a pass-rush specialist, will be arraigned this week, police said.

Robinson could not be reached for comment, and attempts to contact Charger officials also were unsuccessful.

Also arrested was Nathan Ray Malone, 24, who allegedly grabbed one of the detectives around the neck from behind. Malone, who is in the Navy, was booked into County Jail on charges identical to those filed against Robinson. Malone's bail was set at $18,500. Police could not determine if Malone was with Robinson.

Several officers were involved in the incident, which spilled over into the hotel's parking lot, before Robinson and Malone could be subdued and arrested, police said.

Detectives Dan Stanley and Rick Sullivan were making routine checks at several bars when they stopped at the Radisson about 10 p.m.

They spotted a woman they thought was a minor standing in the bar and drinking a beer, police said. The detectives identified themselves as police and asked the woman to step outside to the patio for questioning.

"At this point she screamed for her boyfriend," police spokesman Bill Robinson said. The football player allegedly rushed over and tried to stop the detectives from questioning the woman. The fight then started, police said.

"The officers were kind of tough, but he was a lot tougher," Lt. Ray Dobbs said. Robinson is listed in the Charger media guide as 6-feet 4-inches and 240 pounds.

The fight became vicious, according to police. Stanley was kicked in the face and had his nose broken. Sullivan, who was attempting to help his partner, was allegedly grabbed from behind by Malone and suffered neck and shoulder injuries.

Several people in the bar attempted to get Robinson out of the hotel and away from police, officials said. The group involved in the fight and the detectives reached the parking lot, where they were met by several uniformed police, who were arriving to help. A brief standoff ensued, and then Robinson and Malone were taken into custody.

The woman fled during the fight.

Sullivan and Stanley were taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital, where they were treated and released early Saturday.

"Sullivan and Stanley are average-size police officers who keep themselves in reasonably good shape," Dobbs said. "In any ordinary situation with ordinary-size people . . . it wouldn't have developed like this one did.

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