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Hoyt's Difficulties Apparently Are Not Related to Use of Cocaine

March 12, 1986|TOM FRIEND | Times Staff Writer

MESA, Ariz. — Padre pitcher LaMarr Hoyt's problems are not cocaine-related, according to sources who have been privy to Hoyt's recent medical reports.

Hoyt, 31, checked into a Minnesota rehabilitation center 13 days ago, largely because of stress. He had recently been separated from his wife, Sylvia, who was planning to take him to court. Hoyt's attorney, Ron Shapiro, said that might have had something to do with his unstable condition.

But alcohol was a problem, too, Shapiro said. And then there were two marijuana incidents:

--On Feb. 10, Hoyt was detained by U.S. Customs agents at the San Ysidro border for possession of marijuana, Quaaludes and Valium tablets.

--On Feb. 18, he was arrested in San Diego for possession of marijuana and for carrying a switch-blade knife.

Finally, after much coercing from Shapiro, Hoyt checked into the drug facility.

Shapiro said Hoyt has made progress. Results of the first medical report, completed last weekend, were confidential, but sources said there was no trace of any cocaine problem.

Shapiro could not comment, but did say Tuesday: "LaMarr continues to undergo treatment and still is targeted to return near the end of spring training."

Hoyt is expected to leave the treatment facility March 26.

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