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El Segundo : Manager Under Attack

March 20, 1986

In a surprise move Tuesday night, City Councilman Jack Siadek called for a vote of no confidence in City Manager Nick Romaniello, saying the chief executive is underqualified and is getting too involved in the city's current political campaigns.

Siadek's motion, seconded by Councilman Keith Schuldt, was tabled until the council's next executive session after Mayor Charles (Chip) Armstrong called a 10-minute recess to discuss the matter in private. The council decided that it would be better discussed at length in a closed executive session sometime next week, Siadek said.

Romaniello, who defended his work at the meeting, could not be reached Wednesday for further comment.

Romaniello is an issue in a bitter campaign in which Armstrong and Councilwoman Le Synadinos--both Romaniello supporters--are challenged by Harry Robert Anderson and Alan West. Anderson and West have accused Romaniello of mismanagement.

A third candidate in the April 8 election, Robert H. Stull, has remained neutral on the city manager.

Siadek, who supports West and Anderson, recently joined in their campaign against Romaniello. Among other things, they say, the city manager lacks management skills and is trying to eliminate city employees who do not reflect his ideas.

Siadek also said Romaniello is helping Armstrong and Synadinos raise campaign money.

Romaniello was hired four years ago to head the Planning Commission. Last May the council made him city manager.

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