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Diadames Share Some Fine Table Talk

March 23, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Joni Smith chaired the Diadames luncheon the other day at the Beverly Wilshire and personally hosted five tables of friends. That's what she did part of the day, between meetings. In the evening she appeared, still in the same gold silk suit, at the kickoff of the June 6 preview party for the Music Center's Mercado.

Diadames is a women's gourmet group. Annually, it stages a party that accents table decor. The tables were opulent. Lucy Zahran Bonorris used gold (metal) stem roses over Meissen gold-leaf plates, incorporating gold knife rests. Loriene and Clifton King concocted "Croissants on a Lace Bed." Barbro Taper borrowed Peggy Parker's china houses for her "House" table. Lois Linkletter and Mary Davis combined their jade and objets d'art.

Art Linkletter, who introduced each hostess and her table, avowed, with his wife by his side, that he had "driven for miles" to find four goldfish ($1.25) for the Imari bowl. Pat Moller and Nanci Denny set a glass menagerie table. Marcia Adams went "Ascot" using her mother's antique silver dance-card holder.

Also getting in on the act were Clark Smith and Donald Tronstein (the husbands of the co-chairmen did a riotous "Odd Couple" table), Rosemary and John Raitt (holding hands while he sang songs from "Oklahoma!"). Guests included Marilyn Duque, Dody Booth, Wallis Annenberg, Alyce Williamson and Bobbie Galpin (who hurried back to Pasadena for a fast change for the evening Mercado party), Lois Erburu, Bobbe DeHaven, Bonnie Black, Joan Hotchkis, Toni Webb, Charlotte Jensen, Mary Jones, Nancy Munger, Norma McIntyre, Maggie Wetzel, Arletta Tronstein, Andrea Van de Kamp, Dina Oldknow, Betty Ramser, Margaret Pereira, Betty McDonald and Adrienne Underwood. This party was just for friends. At other times, the Diadames raise funds for the Mirman School for gifted children.

Linkletter was in demand, too, at the ARCS Foundation's Science Awardees Ball at the Beverly Wilshire. When he agrees to do an introduction, he does major research and then adds a light touch, making him the master of introducers. Thus, he was a major hit when ARCS gave its award to Robert Noyce, co-inventor of the microcomputer chip.

Linkletter noted that Noyce is a University of California regent, co-founder of Intel Corporation, serves as a trustee for Grinnell College, has flown seaplanes and built a hang glider, is a madrigal singer and plays the oboe. And he does that all with a congenial smile.

Noyce flew in from Los Altos with his wife, Ann Bowers, for the black-tie occasion which started with cocktails at Gumps. Had it not been misting, guests might have walked to the Beverly Wilshire for dinner and dancing but because of the rain, they were transported in vans.

Enjoying the evening were Maritza and Basil McManus (she was ball chairman), Barbara and Chandler Harris (she's president), Mrs. Fred Nason with Count Hubert O'Brien, Mary and Stuart Davis, Jaclyn and Randy Hill, Robert and Marie Humphreys, Patricia Hearst, Vivian and Ken Baker, Marion Malouf with John Vernay, Florence Malouf with Elton Leach, Betty and Kenneth Morgan, Dr. Marvin and Mildred Goldberger, the Walter Danielsons, Anne and Romus Soucek, William and Marilyn Simpson, Joann McGarty with Bill Williams, the Leland Atwoods, and Fred and Millie O'Green, who never missed a dance.

The Los Angeles Planned Parenthood Guild Men's Dinner was a definite success. About $75,000 was raised to step up the guild's efforts to combat teen pregnancy. And it was raised so easily--20 male boosters spent an afternoon cooking quail stuffed with rice and truffles, supervised by master chef Roy Yamaguchi. Benefit chairmen Steven and Judy Jones even included their daughter Lawry, who's headed for Harvard's MBA program next fall, and a youthful group including James (Chip) Stuart Jr., Robby Wood, Pia Anderson, John Woods and Kelly MacNeal. Toni Haber was back from a month in India, where she rode an elephant into Tiger Tops at Nepal; Paul and Dorothy Toeppen talked about the villa they've leased in Tuscany for next fall. Roz and Henry Rogers had signed up for the UCLA summer program at Cambridge, but Henry has nixed dorm life. More guests included Anna Bing Arnold, the Lawrence Goodmans, Charles and Nancy Munger, Yvonne Lenart, Keith and Betty Russell, Janice Rusack (guild president), Michael and Karen Berk, and Richard and Dee Sherwood.

Barbara Sinatra hosts the fourth annual Barbara Sinatra Art Auction Saturday at the Marriott Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage. All proceeds go the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, expected to open in August at the Eisenhower Medical Center.

She's particularly interested in providing affordable outpatient mental health treatment for the full range of emotional problems that affect children. The center will have a unit for abused children. And the thrust will be on prevention.

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