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"THE MYSTERY OF AL CAPONE'S VAULTS," Monday, 8-10 p.m. (5)--Move over, King Tut.

Instead of Show of the Week, this may turn out to be the Con of the Week. Nevertheless, viewers will be able to see the opening of Al Capone's vaults.


That's right, the secret vaults of America's most notorious gangster were discovered in 1981 beneath his old headquarters in the once-posh, now-seedy Lexington Hotel on Chicago's Michigan Avenue.

This syndicated special is a co-production of Tribune Broadcasting Co. Inc. and the Westgate group, who have cooked up a two-hour show that will include a review of Capone's infamous career.

The Internal Revenue Service has placed a lien on the contents of the vaults to satisfy back taxes unpaid by Capone, who died in 1947.

What or who is in the tomb? Eliot Ness? A former Capone employee has speculated in a Chicago newspaper that the vaults may hold the remains of some of the people Capone had eliminated.

In any event, the host of this spectacle is former ABC reporter Geraldo Rivera, who can be counted on to provide the appropriate carnival atmosphere.

What if there is nothing in the vaults? That's show biz.

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