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Downey : Lottery Funds Pay Raises

April 24, 1986

The Downey Unified School District Monday approved salary increases for teachers and certain classified and certificated employees over the next two years to be drawn from its share of California Lottery funds.

The district has agreed to spend 55% of an expected lottery income of $3.2 million for salary increases for school years 1985-86 and 1986-87. If the district receives more than $3.2 million, adjustments will be made during February, 1987. The remaining 45% will go toward school expenses and programs.

Teachers, counselors and nurses, represented by the Downey Education Assn., will receive a 3.2% increase retroactive to Feb. 1. Veteran teachers will also receive a $760 bonus on their 19th, 24th and 29th service anniversaries. With the salary increases, the pay range for teachers will range from $20,913 to $38,169.

Psychologists, teachers with two-year degrees, program specialists and confidential employees such as administrative secretaries will receive a 4.11% salary increase effective Feb. 1.

A proposed 4.11% salary increase for Supt. Edward A. Sussman and Deputy Supt. A. H. Shiney was continued to a later meeting.

Richard Ruether, executive director of the union, said the salary increases will help bring Downey teachers up to par with surrounding school districts and will help attract and retain teachers.

"The lottery money was intended to help improve instruction. We can do without books. We can do without desks. . . . But if we don't have teachers, we don't have nothing," Ruether said.

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